Neuqua Valley Aquatics

Aquatics Information

Neuqua Valley Summer Swim Program 

We offer the following programs in the summer:

Swim Lessons-designed for all levels 1st-10th grade.   All lessons take place in 3-4 feet of water.

Swim Camp--designed for advanced swim lessons and past or current swim team members that are looking for a more advanced workout.   All Camps take place in 12 feet of water

Swim Clinic--designed to help with stroke technique, starts and flip turns.   All Clinics take place in 12 feet of water.

All information will be posted at by March 1st of each year. All necessary information and times will be on the registration form. Registration typically takes place in April. **Swim programs are only offered during the summer at Neuqua Valley, there are no lessons or camps available during the school year.**

Fox Swim Team

The Fox Swim Team is a competitive swim team that practices at Neuqua Valley and competes year round. Information regarding the team can be found at


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