Summer Swim Lessons


2018 Registration Form for Summer Swim Lessons

Our next registration date is Tuesday, May 22nd from 3:00-4:00PM.   The rate is $95 per session.

The following classes are full from our first two registrations:

Session 1--All classes are full for session 1

Session 2--9:15, 10:15, 2:00

All other classes (including all of session 3) have openings.   

We will not take registration again until May 22nd   Please click the link for the registration form.   Carefully read the form, we have 3 sessions (each session is 8 classes).   We offer those at 5 different times, so choose a time that works best for you.   We do NOT allow makeups and we cannot allow you to move classes.   

2018 Registration Form for Summer Swim Lessons

  Questions:  Contact Chad Allen at the following email